Wednesday, January 8, 2014

High-waist Pants and Shorts LOOKBOOK !

Hey Fashionheads !!! Okay, so today I was going thorough some of my old pictures and decided to talk about all of my high-waist items. I love going thrifting and finding different bottoms that I can make high-waist. Therefore I decided to give you guys a look at some of the shorts and jeans I have thrifted in order to achieve different high-waist bottom looks. Also none of these bottoms cost me over 10 dollars. These are some looks for less. Anyone can achieve any of these looks. <3

Here, I thrifted these green shorts. They look like they may have had a matching jacket at one point but I saw these shorts and instantly thought of an outfit around them. 
Shoes: +bakersshoes 
Purse:  +H&M 

Another pair of thrifted jeans. I tried these on and didn't want to take them off in the store. I really liked how they fit on me. 
Shirt: +Forever 21 
Shoes: +bakersshoes 
Purse: +Forever 21 

Now these shorts took some time for me to actually get used too. I walked around the store with them in my cart for a minute before I decided to go ahead and purchase them. I am normally able to look at something a create a whole look in my head of what I want to wear, but these shorts had me completely baffled. Of course I bought them anyway. ! 

Shirt: +Forever 21 
Shoes : +Old Navy 

These are the same jeans from the second look. This is just another way to dress them with a little mixed printing. 

Shirt: +Forever 21 
Shoes : +Charlotte Russe  
Purse : +Charlotte Russe 

And last but not least this look. I think I was just going to a bar with some friends this night. I really wasn't in the mood to dress up. 

I adore these pants. They are so comfortable and they can be worn with anything. 

Shirt : +Forever 21 
Shoes : +Forever 21 

I hope you like these looks as much as I did. Comment below and let me know which one was your favorite. 

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XOXO B.Rice ! 

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