Monday, March 24, 2014

Mixed Prints V.S. Bold Statement Prints

Hey Fashionheads !!! Today I was looking at some of my photos and I noticed that I mix prints a lot. I am always trying to find a way to bring to print together that make one hell of a outfit. But as I scrolled through more of my photos, I also noticed that I also wear very many statement or bold pieces as well.

Today I just wanted to discuss the two and also give you some photos to look at so that you can achieve these looks as well.

Mixing Prints

Mixed printing is basically when you put to different prints together in order to create a new daring look.
When mixing prints, you should always try making sure at least one color matches. (at least that's what I do)
I noticed that when at least one color matches within both prints, the look comes together seamlessly. By following that one simple rule, your look will flow versus it looking as if you just through something together.

Here are some examples from some of my friends and I :

Floral and Black Shirt : Forever 21
Cheetah Print Skirt : Forever 21
The floral and cheetah patterns just seem to work for me. I admit I was hesitant at first but it came together nicely. 

 Black with White Polka Dots Top(really a dress) : H&M
White with Black Polka Dots Skirt : H&M
This look will stand out where ever you go. Clashing the two different polka dot patterns make a very bold statement. 

This is my friends Mia. She is my fashion twin. We always test fashion and do what we want. I am not sure where her outfit pieces are from but I am sure a lot of it was thrifted. With this look the clash of cheetah and blue make it really stand out. 

This is my friend Porshia. I dressed her this night. This is definitely something I would wear together. The Marilyn Monroe shirt with the cat high-waisted shorts looked really cute to me. To top it all off a denim shirt was added with black tights and black pumps. This look is pretty dope to me. 

Black and White Aztec pattern dress : Asos
Floral Print "CHILL OUT" tank : Forever 21
The floral and Aztec prints just seem to really stand out. I love these prints together.

Polka Dot Dress of H&M used as a top paired with a Cheetah print skirt from Forever 21.
I wore this look to Midwest Fashion Week and it turn a lot of heads. I was asked repeatedly, "What made you put those two prints together?" I replied, " I don't know! I just tried it on while at home and it looked good to me. When it comes to Fashion there are no rules. I make my own and this works. !" 

Bold/Statements Prints

This is a totally different thing from mixing prints. This is when you have the one piece that you don't want to clash with anything else. When you have the one item that stands out by itself. (That's a statement pattern piece. )

Here are some examples:

This dress is from Asos and it is very bold. It was polka dots which I love but it is very much so a statement piece. The print speaks for itself. 

This dress !!! I fell in love with it when I first saw it online. I bought it from Asos and it was something about the print; I knew I had to have it. 

This short sleeve polka dots sweater is from my Forever 21. I absolutely love this top.  The polka dots are of course that statement for this outfit, along with the green bag I paired with it. 

I talked about this look in a previous post but I had to bring it back because this look definitely made a statement. The hot pink sweater from Forever 21 made this look pop especially against the velvet leggings by Hue from Macy's. 

This blazer !!!! Omg ! It is bold and everything else within this look was kept simple just so the blazer could do what it does best ; LOOK AMAZING. This look is also talked about it an older post and it was thrifted from Goodwill. 

This blue electric blue skirt paired with a paisley print in the jacket...!!!! This look is amaze-balls. ! I two pieces alone are statements but once paired together, girlllll let me tell you; it made one heck of an outfit. ! Everything is this look is from Forever  21 minus the shoes. 

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Do Right & Kill Everything #midwestfashionweek

This week has been a wonderful experience for me.  I have been attending Midwest Fashion Week and so far I've had a blast at every event I've attended.  But with this post I wanted to talk about what I wore to one of the events. There was an networking event that I attended, I knew I wanted to be cute yet kind of relaxed. So this is the look I came up with. I hope you like it as much as I did. !!!

Outfit details :
Shirt : Goodwill ($3.00)
Jeans : Gap ($15.00)
Shoes : Charlotte Russe ($30.00)
Watch : Charlotte Russe ($15.00)
Earrings : Birthday Gift

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Whats in my bag ??? #ootd

Hey Fashionheads !!! 

Okay so today I just wanted to stop in and do a what in my bag post. I know a lot of ladies that carry their lived in their pages and I guess I just wanted to give some incite as to what I carry around. These are some items I carry along with me on a daily no matter what size bag I decide to carry. 

This is the bag that I am carrying . It is a green cross-body bag that I purchased from Forever21 for 15 bucks. 
This is what everything looks like inside my bag. 

This is all of the cosmetic items I have inside of my purse.
Nivea lip moisturizers (2)
Up the Amp Mac Lipstick (fav)
Mac Lip gloss (Right Image)
Nude Matte Lip Color by Elf (Nearly Nude)
Fergie Eyelid primer
and my Maybelline mascara 

This is a quote my uncle said over the weekend and I still had it in my bag. It is pretty powerful !

This is my money, glasses from Forever 21, my business cards, and my wallet. 

My combs and brushes. Oh and don't forget my favorite watch. 

Lets not forget my outfit of the day !!! 

Shirt: Goodwill 
Shoes: Madden Girl Black Boots from Shi by Journeys
Necklace: Forever21
Jeans: Gap 
Earrings: Birthday Gift (cheetah print)

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Godfather and Polka Dots. #weekendrecap

                     Hey Fashionheads!!!! 

This weekend was so much fun. I went out on Friday and Saturday and I loved both outfits I put together. This was a pretty chill weekend for me as well. No dresses this time just jeans and a cute shirt. You can still go out and be comfy. I think that’s what I was going for this weekend.

Friday Night:

I wore black sweater from Forever 21 that says, “The Godfather” paired with some black jeans from GAP. (I love the fit of these jeans). I added a pop of color with a red open toe bootie I picked up from Charlotte Russe. I didn’t add any other but the red in my shoes because I wanted them to be the focal point of my outfit. I added a gold necklace and watch also from Forever 21 and a black bag that I thrifted. 

Saturday Night:

I went back to my polka-dot obsession (lol). I wore a white and navy blue short sleeve shirt from Forever 21 paired with some acid wash jeans also from Forever 21. I added some navy blue socks and a nude shoe in order to keep it simple. After looking at my look altogether I felt like something was missing, so I decided to add my green cross body bag.

I hope you like these two looks I put together. ! Comment and let me know which one was your favorite. ! 
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